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Ever Been in Love?
Ever Been in Love?
"Ever been in love?"
A strange thing to ask me of all people, as the answer was painstakingly obvious; nevertheless, those were the words that she said. I gave her a look that I hoped said 'I don't want to pursue this topic of conversation any further'.
Obviously, it didn't.
"C'mon, you can tell me," she coaxed.
I stood and slipped my headphones around my ears. She gave me a slightly-concerned, mostly-annoyed glance.
I began to walk away, leaving the bill and my uneaten food for her to worry about.
"You can't hide behind your music forever, you know," she stated levelly as I stretched farther and farther away from her.
Yes I can, I thought stubbornly.
Yeah, I've been in love. But that was a long time ago. Love did nothing except hurt me.
I learned to get over it.
Besides, music's done more for me than any lover ever could have.
I pressed the 'play' button on my portable CD player, and let the sound fill my ears.
Suddenly everything was okay.
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by onemoresadsong
'How is it that... a solid wall is made to protect you from harm, but jumping off of it will cause the very thing it's meant to defend you from?'
A question that had haunted my mind since I was intelligent enough for questions such as that to haunt my mind, which was naught but a couple of decades. At twenty-six, my life seemed to be nothing but one haunting question.
Where was I going?
I dropped out of college to fulfill some ridiculous dream that I knew would never come true: music, a band, legend....
Music. My love and my torment.
To think, I could be making solid money at a law firm right now. Instead, I'm working at a small cafe in a small town for small money. Not at all what I had in mind when I dropped out of college.
But then again...
I could never forget the euphoria of that first time we performed in front of a crowd. Small crowd, but still a crowd. The silhouettes of a hundred mingling, moshing bodies against a night-sky backdrop... loud music in a qu
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Current Residence: North Louisiana. Thanks a lot, Katrina. =p
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